4 thoughts on “So what…”

  1. I had to double check to confirm the Lady Catherine reference. If I understand your reference correctly, I am so sorry to hear it.

    P.S. If she is an aunt/friend of family, then just ignore her. If she is the mom, then it is more tricky.

    Good luck as love is never easy (sometimes).

  2. 加燦、sherry: Yes, you all get it right…but the trick is, I’m currently Darcy. Anyway, thanks for all your warm support.

  3. No idea you had a temporary sex change and became Darcy. 🙂 As Jerry would say, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    P.S. Hmmm, “I’m currently Darcy.” Refresh my memory 芸, did Darcy listen?

    P.P.S. And when Lady Catherine said those famous words, was it pretty close to the “happy ever after” bit already? 🙂

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