Just finish my trip in Singapore with Poe, while she is already on her way back home, I am still at the Changi Airport waiting for my flight.

It’s a good trip in these few days, although it occasionally rains. We stay in the Nanyang Technological University where Min studies. Poe and I are just like ordinary tourists, going to the scenery spots like Merlion and Sentosa (which is an island that we think it is just like a big “Ocean Park”)…we all love the “Luge” in Sentosa and have taken a photo (the one that we need to pay for…) but of course as my mum don’t want me to buy so many things and I need to continue my trip in UK…at last only Poe bought her photo and Min would receive hers from email. Besides, the music fountains in Sentosa is really wonderful, where the eyes of Merlion in Sentosa will turn green, and Poe has her own explanation like “They are trying to tell the story of ‘Merlion attacking Singapore’ something like that”…

Foods are great. I love the milk tea very much and we have tried different kinds of food within these three days, including local food e.g. Satay, and also some Indian food.

Looking forward to visiting in UK within 24 hours…

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