Messages from Pattaya

Current in Pattaya, Thailand. Spending the time in the internet bar just outside the hotel.

The weather is hot, totally different from HK. Although we have gone to the beach today, somehow we have participated nothing, except buying a new dress.

The pen has gone wrong suddenly, thus I have bought a new pen from Central, the department store in Pattaya. The forgotten Pilot Super GP is once again in my pocket in order to write the diary everyday.

Mr. F…is currently talking on MSN and checking the latest financial news…

Will go to Bangkok tomorrow…see ya…

3 thoughts on “Messages from Pattaya”

  1. 小妹: 對,我們是無膽匪類!

    Sam: Umm…because we just follow the tourist guide and walk within the department store, never have the chance to taste the real Pattaya…therefore I really don’t know…

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