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  1. and I accidentally popped into your blog.

    And I was reading your post about “Enchanted”.

    But I just can’t believe that I’ve just met another HK GA fans on the internet, again (You’re from HK, right?). And I just wanna say I completely agree with you, Patrick looked so much older and is in desperate need of some weight loss on “Enchanted”. I mean, hey, just look at him on GREY’S during S1 + S2. He looked so McDreamy back then. And on “Enchanted”, he looked much older than his real age. Plus, he really needs to stop cutting his hair when it’s in perfect shape and length. He really needs to realize that his hair looks the greatest longer and curlier!!! I really wanna scream at the big screen when I saw him on the enlarged screen “Bring back the McDreamy hair!!”.

    Though his hairstyle is a bit ugly, you’ve to admit “Enchanted” is not a bad movie at all. The part that I love most, is when Robert dancing with Giselle, I was like fainting (especially with the song “So Close” as the background music, and the fact that I was sitting on the fifth row with a hugh Patrick’s face starring at me was not helping at all). And when I was back at home, I listened to the music on the movies over and over again like crazy *sigh*

    Don’t know you still watch GREY’S anymore? Are you a MerDer shipper? Or more like which couples you ship? I’m a Meredith and MerDer fan. And I just can’t believe how they ended the whole thing so disastrously pre-strike! And that Plant Nurse, I just don’t even wanna talk about her….

    I wonder how the writers are gonna clean up this messy story they’ve created, with this whole MerDerRose, LexieGeorgeAvaIzzieAlex drama and the EricaCallieMark drama.

    BTW, I’ve taken a quick glimpse of your blog posts. And I just wanna say that I’ve seen many of the movies that you’ve seen recently. Like “27 Dresses”, “Enchanted”, “Love and Other Disasters” (which I love, cuz it resembles “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” a little. Plus Brittany Murphy was gorgeous in the movie. Though this is so not very traditional Hollywood style romantic comedy, I do love it very very much…it’s better than 27 Dresses I think, if you compare it in terms of the level of entertainment.), “Elizabeth:The Golden Age” and “Atonement” (Ah, and you’re a fan of “Pride & Prejudice” too?)

    Plus, I’m really looking forward to “The Other Boleyn Girl”. I just love Natalie Portman on “My Blueberry Nights”!! I’m reading the original text of “The Other Boleyn Girl” recently and I’ve read it somewhere that Mary Boleyn’s suppoed to be the elder sister. And that Anne Boleyn was the mother of the Queen Elizabeth I. It’s pretty amazing when you’ve no idea about this whole family relation thing. I just can’t wait to see this ensemble of Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanson.

    There are so much more I’ve wanted ot say. But I really wish you know that I’m a fan of foreign movies + TV series too!! Just wanna know if you would like to make a contact with me or not, simply though MSN or emails, it’s up to you of course! Just add me as you friend on msn or just type me an email if you really wanna talk on it (and let me know what’s your name and stuff)! I’ll be more than thrilled to really get to know you, as we have some mutual interests!!

    Looking forward to your reply…..a lot….

  2. Chloe: Actually I am MerDer fans initially, however I find it difficult to accept that Derek returns to Addison (although originally she is his wife) at the middle of season 2 and I dislike Meredith’s seesaw swinging mood towards Derek and Finn in season 2-3 and Derek’s “sudden realising for Meredith” at the end of season 2. Perhaps I should say that I find season 1 enjoyable, but quite disappointed in season 2.

    For season 3…ummm I can just remember the complicated relationship between Danny, Izzie, George, Callie and Mark. Thus I usually watch season 1 again but seldom for season 2 / 3.

    McDreamy is great in season 1, but unfortunately not in “Enchanted” (I find James Marsden more interesting instead). I should retain my memory of Derek Shepherd in GA season 1 instead of Robert in Enchanted.

    For the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”, although I believe that both Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were doing a great job anyway being sisters in Tudor England (also for Eric Bana as the king), I am not really enjoying the book. As I prefers Anne Boleyn usually, I don’t agree with what Philippa Gregory introduced to us, she is not totally a selfish gal who have used her family / sister to gain power without concerns. Sometimes I think although she is the one who have ruined Katherine of Aragon and Mary Tudor’s family, she was somehow a victim also. She was forced to be the mistress of the king initially which she refuses to do so (you can see the result of Mary Boleyn). Last but not the least, she is a true Protestant.

    Mary Boleyn, on the other hand, was not the simple gal who gives her pure love to the king. She was initially the mistress of French king, afterthat she had an affair with Henry VIII although she had already married to William Carey at that time. Anyway she was the only Boleyns among three who survived at last.

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