“An Education”

前幾天 F 先生問我要不要去看電影(天知道我們自認識以來從沒結伴進電影院啊!),他說在報紙看到有一齣《少女失樂園》,聽說是《傲慢與偏見》某主角領銜主演的(F 先生知道我是 P&P 超級粉絲,說這句讓我注意也不足為奇……)


想想有點不對勁,我不期然想起飾演 Bennet 家四妹的 Carey Mulligan 的新作,忍不住囑咐 F 先生再看電影的英文譯名,他說看過但忘記了,結果我單刀直入問:「是否叫 “An Education”?」


拜託!看見「失樂園」改了這樣的譯名,誰會知道這是說 “An Education” 啊!立刻想起 “The Duchess” 的「悲劇」……

當然,重點是,我要去買票啊!(除了 Carey Mulligan 外,還有 Rosamund Pike, Dominic Cooper 和 Emma Thompson 啊!)

(BTW,前陣子以為 “An Education” 不會在香港上畫,已經打算去亞馬遜得金入貨了,幸好原來 Region 2 的 DVD 未上架)

2 thoughts on ““An Education””

  1. Hi, this is my first tijme to leave message in your blog although I’ve read this for a period of time before…

    At first, I also thought that this movie would not be shown in HK.

    It finally does.

    And I like this movie so much.

    Maybe because this movie is much English style…

    Carey Mulligan acts so good, you could not expect an aged 25 woman could act a 16 years old girl.

    However, I think the Chinese name of this movie was bad…

  2. Thanks for your reply, actually I still haven’t got the chance to watch the movie. Perhaps I need to wait for the DVD then.

    I should say, Carey Mulligan improves a lot after her first scene from P&P, I particularly love her acting as Isabella Thorpe in ITV version Northanger Abbey.

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